Pillar Church


N. B. Klaine came to Warrensburg in 1865 and started the Standard Herald Newspaper, which he ran for 10 years. During this time, H.G. Neill, Hyman Neill, aka Hoodoo Brown was a man that worked as a printer’s devil on the Standard Herald newspaper in Warrensburg until one day, having been dispatched to get rags needed for printing, he jumped on a freight train going by the back door of the office, from the back side of the Standard Herald. From then on, he led an adventurous life and was, among other things, a buffalo hunter, gambler, con artist, and conjure-man. Following what seems to have been a mostly good time running an opera company in Mexico with a friend, he drifted to the town of Las Vegas. He soon ruled the place, already notorious as the most lawless in the West. By 1879, by means natural and/or supernatural but none of them honest, Hoodoo was Justice of the Peace, Mayor, and Coroner of the place. He later became the leader of the Dodge City Gang, Terrorizing the West and his gang ran Las Vegas.

Other businesses that have been located on 130 West Pine

  • 1930  Warrensburg Furniture Company
  • 1914 Vacant
  • 1907 Poultry and Egg Store
  • 1902 Taggart’s Music House
  • 1900 Lazonby’s Music House
  • 1898 McConnaughay building bought to be a music house
  • 1898  North half was a Barber / south half was vacant
  • 1896 McConnaughay Barber Shop opens
  • 1895 J.A. Dolcater, Dealer in Millinery, Dry Goods, Notions moved into the building